13 Best Android Games Under 500mb in 2021 – Must Play!

The Best ANDROID games Under 500MB are designed in such a way that they do not take much of your phone space and are perfect to be played on your Android smartphones running low on storage. Now play effortlessly without worrying about how much space they take up on your phone’s memory card!

Isn’t it good to have an android game of less than 500Mb on your phone?

Also, with the offline option where you can play it offline when you are out of the internet or traveling and you want to pass the time. So, the offline option is the best alternative for it.

Isn’t it interesting?

The android games we are suggesting are not going to make your phone battery week. As well as it does not require high-speed internet to run the game smoothly.

The Cherry on the top

These games are available in the Google play store and free to download. All you need to do is that grab your android phone go to the google play store and type the underneath given games and enjoy your favourite game with fun and refreshment.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best android games that are under 500Mb.

Are you ready for it?

Let us dive into it,

Best Android Games Under 500mb

Here are some games that will be available for under 500MB.

Let us have a look at them,

1.Cover Fire

Cover Fire

The cover fire is one of the best shooting games for android mobile phones. You can play it offline for an instant you don’t have internet available.

In this game, you have to lead your team and destroy the enemies in the battle. There are different weapons to experience and defend you from enemies. The story of COVER FIRE is so thrilling as well as challenging.

Do experience it. you will enjoy it.


2. Overkill 3

Overkill 3

This game is more fun in multiplayer but you also can play it offline and can have fun while playing it. This is a shooter game where you have to defend the generator for an as long time as you can.

It has a cool feature in this game where you can customize your gun which is amazing. One of the best things about it is that the graphics are so good even fewer than 500Mb.

So go and check out your skills while remaining for a long time in the game as much as you can.


3. Arcane Quest Legends

Arcane Quest

Well, this game is like PRINCE OF PERSIA and DARKSIDERS so you like playing games like these then arcane quest legends are for you to play on your android mobile phone.

In the game, you have to bring peace to the land you are fighting for. To bring peace you have to fight with lots of demons and monsters.

You will RPG as your gun to kill those monsters and demons in your way. One best feature of this game is that you can create the combat style you like to play in.


4. Detective Story: Jack’s Case – Hidden Objects

Jack’s Case – Hidden Objects

If you are a person of detective story-loving then you must try this game. It is the same as other detective story-based games; you will have to complete quests and find hidden objects.

There are as many as 30 characters that you can communicate with! To know more about the criminals. For getting more information you will have to collect more cards that will give you information about criminals.

This game is about using your mind which is a kind of mind exercising. It will make you think about things how to sort them out. Give it a try you will have a lot of fun.


5. Carx Highway Racing

Carx Highway Racing

It is a racing game that is more realistic while playing. It gives greater satisfaction and makes you feel as you racing in real with so much fun.

So in this game, you have to get a lead from your opponent, and also you have to escape the police barriers.

This game has several modes where you can play with high-quality cars model. So all you need to do is to select a speedy car and run fast as much as you can and beat your opponent.


6. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3

It is a 2D game, where you need to equip your character with different weapons so that you can fight with your enemies. It has a map in it where you will have to find your ultimate enemy and rush on them to destroy.

You can find out different ways like how to attack your enemy, where you can select a suitable angle to attack. So go and equip your character with the best weapon and kill the boss. The best thing about this game is that it only comes in 111Mb.


7. Mine craft: Pocket Edition

Mine craft: Pocket Edition

So this game was a PC game but after so much demand the team decided to launch its mobile version. It is the same as a PC. In this game, players have to create their own homes and villages in virtual reality.

It is fun while playing this game in multiplayer.


8. Devil Hunter

Devil Hunter

Hell, this one is new in the market as it was released in 2020. It has characters in this game where you need to select one character to play. The players are supposed to kill their enemies to win the game.

This game comes in two different modes one is PVE which is a story mode. The other one is PVP which is 1v1. In PVE mode it starts with some low-level enemies after winning from low-level enemies you end up fighting with the bosses and the kings.


9. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

If you love to play horror games so you are supposed to play this game. It is an FPP game with zombies in it. It is not a multiplayer game but their lots of good stories in this game to play.

You have to choose a map to play in it and win some gold to upgrade your weapon for advanced levels. The varieties of the weapons are different such as pistol, short-guns, and rifles.


10. WCC 2


So if you love to play cricket then you must play this game. In the cricket area, it is the best game to experience it. It is so amusing because of its graphics and that only under 500Mb. The lighter version of this game is WWC lite.

In this game, you can manage your whole team and also take part in different tournaments around the world which is so amazing to play. Even this comes with a wide range of teams international as well as domestic, also with some magnificent stadium views.


11. Drift Max Pro

Drift Max Pro
This one is also for racer lovers, it is a 3D game. Well in this game you have to cross the line but need to drift for better scoring in the game. It also comes in a wide range of maps as well as cars such as cities and airports.

In this game, you can upgrade your car for better performance in the race. It will not bore you by playing it because of the best graphics of the game.

You can choose the option of till screen which will allow you to move your mobile phone in certain directions, which will give you a realistic feeling. Also, you can use tap buttons to drive the car in the options.


12. Dead Target

Dead Target

Well, this game is all about zombies, this game is basically about the future of 2040 where you have to fight with zombies to save the world from zombies. It is a 3D game and you will have guns of different types which you will use to finish the zombies around you.

To fight with upper-level zombies you have to upgrade the guns for that purpose. Being one of the best offline games you can fight anytime you want.


13. War Robots

War Robots

After killing some zombies you will surely like to play some robot games their weapons and war machines. This game is based on tactics and as well machines and available on the play store for free.

It an amazing robot game that comes with 31 different types of robots in it. Each weapon has its different ability to perform. In this game, you can experience 20 different weapons such as plasma guns and missiles.


Final Words

So here is an end to the best android games under 500MB. Do check it out as they are amazing while playing. You can experience real-life scenes while playing the games on your mobile phone.

The above-mentioned games are designed for different ages of people like racing games are for kids but adults also can experience them.

These games can help you if you are bored and want to have some relaxing time so I recommend you to play these above-mentioned games.

They all are free to download; you can check these in your android play store for free.

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