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Raid Shadow Legends 4.60.3 MOD apk

A modified version of the Raid Shadow Legends application allows access to otherwise locked resources and premium features. These resources and features may include unlimited gems, unlimited silver, and unlimited playtime without any ads.


Raid Shadow Legends is a fictional game that is extremely enjoyable, thrilling, and exploratory. The game’s playroom is based on an imaginary realm where you’ll find squad-based RPG-style characters, and you basically would have to level them up.

Fighting the battles can level up the characters. Different locations such as Campaign, Dungeons, Arenas, Clan boss, etc., are being added to the game to enhance the graphics.

FeaturesUnlimited Gems+ High Battle Speed+ No Advertisements + Unlocked Warriors
Game DeveloperPlarium Global Ltd .

To establish the much-needed peace and harmony within the territory, players must play a revived warrior that defeats the Dark Lord to liberate the realm. Another such task for a player is to put together an army responsible solely for fighting in multiple settings such as temples, dungeons, castles, etc.

Resources/Currency play a key role in winning those battles. And you would need an unlimited currency that can only be obtained by using the modified version of the original application.

Overview of the Application: Raid Shadow Legends

The illusional realm of Raid Shadow Legends is based in the world of Telara. Dark Lord Siroth cast a shadow on Telara’s territory that is thriving with each passing hour. It is upon the players to save Telara and get rid of Dark Lord for once and for all.

Players have to deal with multiple things at a time. They’re essentially war heroes, which puts a lot of responsibility on them. Their tasks include

  1. Assembling an army
  2. Learning to manage resources alongside the battle antics
  3. Training the characters

Suppose a player can manage all these burdens. In that case, he’ll not just become the hero that saved trembling Telaria but also is rewarded with many prizes such as unprecedented skill customization, gems, silver, and energy.

Features of the MOD apk: Raid Shadow Legends

Before we talk about the raid shadow legends MOD apk, it is imperative to know what problems were faced by the audience in the original version. Every game need resources to level up, and this game is no different.

When playing on the original version of the app, players complained about how they had to deal with the scarcity of resources and a crazy number of ads.



We’ve brought good news for the raid shadow legend fans as you won’t have to deal with any of the circumstances mentioned above ever again. The modified version of the app provides unlimited resources, energy, and character customization options without any ads. Let’s dive into the features of this app before further ado.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are used in the game to buy energy potions along with the character’s energy. More gem means more energized characters which instantly boosts your chances of defeating the Dark Lord. Thus, making you the hero that you wanted to become. All you have to do is download the modified version of the app and enjoy unlimited gems.

High Battle Speed

You can increase the speed of your game by using this feature. Increasing the speed can enhance your overall experience, which automatically will result in better game results. You would rank high in the leaderboards. All thanks to the modified version of the application.

Unlocked Warriors

The original version of the game requires you to defeat 16 factions to unlock a new warrior. This is a time-consuming and frustrating process that will eventually chase away your interest in the game. Getting unlocked warriors by downloading an app will help you focus on essential tasks such as devising a game strategy.

No Advertisements

Every original game earns through ads. While it’s understandable that ads are necessary for making money, it’s a fact that they spoil the user experience. Nobody likes to be paused in the middle of their game to watch an ad that is merely a source of distraction.

The modified version of the raid shadow legends works on the ‘no advertisements’ policy, which means unlimited playtime and better chances of winning.

Unlimited Energy

Energy is one of the leading resources as it is used to recharge characters. And from the facts above, it is clear why surfaces need to charge themselves on time. The mod apk allows you to do just that and more. Believe it or not, unlimited energy can make or break your entire game plan.

Unlimited Shopping

We all love to shop, don’t we? What else would you need if we told you that you could shop endlessly without spending a dime? Yes, you heard that right. The adapted version allows you to shop premium stuff, including raid cards, special skill packs, gem shops, and many more luxury items.

PVP Arena

Did someone say user experience? Raid shadow legend’s MOD apk has got you covered. This is one of the most exciting features of the adapted version of the app, as it allows the opponents to battle in a PVP arena.

You need to jump into the battlefield and beat the crap out of your opponent. The user experience gets ten times better with this version of the app.

3D Artwork

Although this feature ended up at the bottom of our list, still our favorite, one of the features that every gamer wants to experience is a good illustration of 3D artwork. This mod apk gives us almost an unreal experience through its graphics and artwork.

Every little detail in character customization is just a sight to look at. The graphics and the feel of it being real gives an over-the-top experience to its users.

Raid Shadow Legends: Why should you download the MOD apk?

Raid Shadow legends is a kind of game that requires its players to deal with multiple issues simultaneously. Such as putting together an army at one hand and training the 16 factions at the other. And interestingly enough, handling various things side by side is where the fun lies.

However, the original game becomes more of a duty to be fulfilled than enjoying an experience. While you would already have much on your plate to deal with, these original games would add to your burden by making you worried about the resources.

Mod apk, however, comes in handy. It will take away all the stress by giving you all kinds of resources you need to defeat the Dark Lord. Not just that, it gives you access to the premium features of the app without spending money.

Gameplay: Raid Shadow Legends

The game starts with a tutorial, and then it asks you to choose a character. Let’s say you’ve chosen Pokémon as your starter champion. Each character is pretty decent on its own, and all of them are the same in terms of affinity.

The premise to choose an essence lies in your needs. So, picking the wrong champion is not that big of a deal as you get to choose many different characters throughout the game.


After picking your champion, it’s time to raid. Here, magic affinity beats spirit, spirit beats force, and force exceeds magic. Erase the system of colors and use this system instead.

INFO and AUTO buttons are the two most important buttons in the entire game. First, click the INFO button, and then click on the AUTO button. Follow the info suggestions accordingly.

However, you can’t do the whole game using AUTO. You’ll have to handle few things manually. If you’re a new player, we’d suggest you go for manual games to enhance your abilities. Wherever you get stuck, you can always jump back to AUTO.

Every time you level up, you get energy max, energy refill, and gems. If you’re progressing the correct way, you won’t run out of energy in the beginning. But it does slow down esp. as free-to-play.

Progressing Account: Raid Shadow Legends

Progressing your account from a starter champion to an end game might seem intimidating at first. But the only thing you need to focus on is how quickly YOU can get to the end? We’ve got four champions to choose from. Kale is what we prefer. However, you can select a character that best suits your interests.

As a starter player, you should choose someone who can be a campaign farmer. Your primary goal should be to get the most significant damage dealer to level 60. Don’t get distracted by lots of the 40s and 50s, as it will slow you down massively.

We understand that getting your first 60 can take a month, but be consistent. Take time, even if you’re grinding day-in and day-out.Play faction wars daily whenever you can as a starter champion. Start collecting up your glyphs and some easy-to-get rewards. It would be best if you also were doing daily arena.

Pick up fights whenever you can. Refresh the list and look for easier wins. Win as many wars as you possibly can.Participate in the starter’s tournament. It will direct you to different places that can get you points. Try to clear at least the first few levels in those starter tournaments.

Clear at least one to three stages in the dungeon. Once you’ve done that, focus your ninety percent of the time on campaigns. Collect the 60s as much as you can on hard to brutal stages. These points will help build your character.

Secondary goals should include participating in missions and challenges. When you get hold-ups, do more campaigns and acquire your grasp on it. Do daily and weekly quests regularly. They will keep you in the right direction.Things you shouldn’t do as a starter include not stacking up a lot of 40s and 50s.

Prioritize getting 60s, and don’t waste your experience on random characters. Level up champions you’re not going to keep. They will eventually become the champions that get fed into your level 60. Follow all these tips to progress your account from a starter to an end player.

Final Verdict

Raid shadow legends is a game that kind of takes you to a ride of thrilling and exciting adventures. Playing the original version might be hard for you. That’s why we recommend using the mod apk version that allows you access to unlimited resources.


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